15th August 2018 
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Practical Supervision: How to Become a Supervisor for the Helping Professions
The original, comprehensive, concise and jargon-free text by CST partners Penny Henderson, Jim Holloway and Anthea Millar
Introduction by Francesca Inskipp and Brigid Proctor
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2014

“This excellent book will be especially useful for anyone thinking of becoming a supervisor, or for those who have already started out on that journey ... I can see it becoming a classic text for supervision training courses.”
James Rye,|BACP Private Practice Journal Spring 2015

“An invaluable reference tool for all supervisors ... it contains gems of useful general guidance ... so packed with goodies that taking it all in is daunting in one go! ... I recommend it without reservation to all those undertaking supervision.”
Prof. Martin Johnson,|University of Cambridge

“I enjoyed this book. It is well structured, very accessible and, as the title suggests, practical, both for new and experienced supervisors. I particularly valued the frequent reflection points which encourage and challenge the reader to apply the text to their own practices.”
Robin Shohet,|co-author of Supervision in the Helping Professions

Resources. booksx2A Different Wisdom: Reflections on Supervision Practice
by Penny Henderson (Karnac 2009)
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"In a warm and personally revealing style Penny offers illuminating reflections on supervision ... The essence of this book lies in the successful balance of authority, which has its foundation in Penny's comprehension of her experience and knowledge of the literature, with her vulnerability as a reflective learner: wisdom indeed."
(Steve Page, co-author of Supervising the Counsellor)

Supervisor Training: Issues and Approaches
Edited by Penny Henderson (Karnac 2009)
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Contains chapters by Caro Bailey, Valerie Batts, Rose Battye, Roger Casemore, Suzanne Dennis, Christine Driver, Anna Gilchrist, Alec Grant, Penny Henderson, Julie Hewson, Francesca Inskipp, Anthea Millar, Antonia Murphy, Brigid Proctor, Charlotte Sills, Michael Townend, Carole Waskett, Wendy Wood

Articles (all PDF)

'The BACP In My Head' | 'Figuring Out The Framework' |
'The Case of the Sleeping Supervisor' | 'Saying The Real Thing' | 'Resistance and Resilience' | 'Who's In and Who's Out?' | 'Pressure of Time' | 'Professing and Confessing'
Jim Holloway
Jim's supervision columns published in BACP's Private Practice journal from 2016 to date.

'Becoming an Encouraging Supervisor'
Anthea Millar, Jim Holloway, Penny Henderson
"The encouraging supervisor helps supervisees remove some of their self-imposed attitudinal roadblocks and supports them to aim for their highest possible level of competence." Published in Private Practice (BACP) Spring 2014.

'Approaches to Supervision Theory'
Penny Henderson
A look at the broad base of books by UK authors that have contributed to our understanding of supervision. Published in Therapy Today October 2007.

'Learning to Take Supervisory Authority'
Penny Henderson
"Supervision training courses need to give a priority to helping trainee supervisors explore and address supervisees’ behaviour when it is problematic, without attacking the self-worth of the person. This is easier said than done, but practice means that it can be done, and that is a very valuable achievement for the individuals and the profession."

'Developing Skills: Practice, Observation, and Feedback'
Anthea Millar
A chapter from Supervisor Training: Issues and Approaches (for details, see Books section above).

Three articles from Therapy Today February 2007
'Stocktaking' (BACP’s supervision history laid out for reappraisal and comment) by Penny Henderson; 'A Dance of Two Lifestyles: An Adlerian Model for Supervision using Early Recollections' by Rachel Shifron; and 'Placements: Support or Confusion?' by Julia Herrick.

'Encouragement and other Es'
Anthea Millar
How the essential ingredients of supervision can be used to develop the supervisee’s inner resources in a positive way. Published in Therapy Today March 2007.